The HAGLY Project changes TAX to better serve the upcoming Utilities.

But first some afterthoughts.

WOW! These first 6 months of The HAGLY Project have gone really fast. We just have to say that we have learned an incredible amount in this short period of time. And we feel like we’re just getting started.
Compared to the general pace of development in the crypto market, you can quickly feel a little behind. At the same time, it is good to remind oneself that within the same period, many projects have been established and also been shut down. They seemed to have a very short perspective and one may wonder if they intended to realize any of the plans at all.

We in the HAGLY project were very clear on this from the beginning that we have a long perspective and want to learn as much as possible along the way with our co-investors. Yes, that’s you! And thank you again for having faith in us.

Announcing changes in TAX for buy and sell transactions.

Based on our experience and due to the future plans for our utilities we are happy to announce that we will gradually lower the taxes for HappyGoLucky Token going forward. It will be done in steps and will apply to both buy and sell transactions. Current Tax is 8%.

We will give the community an opportunity to comment and give feedback on the planned change 7 days ahead of the actual change. So if you dont like lowering taxes then speak out in our Telegram

First step in lowering the taxes will be announced shortly.

The HAGLY Project
A DEFI Project on Binance Smart Chain


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The Hagly Project

An explorative DEFI project focused on building valuable utilities for the small-scale crypto entrepreneur.